120~150㎡ Residential Overall Ventilation and Exhaust Design: A Breath of Fresh Air in Modern Living

In the realm of residential design, creating an environment that is as functional as it is comfortable has become an essential aspect of modern living. For a 120 to 150 square meter residence, an effective ventilation and exhaust system is not a luxury but a necessity for maintaining air quality and ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants. This article aims to elucidate a comprehensive design strategy that is tailor-made for homes with a suspended ceiling design, focusing on efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic integration during renovation.
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 Understanding the Ventilation Needs of a Modern Residence

A modern residential space requires a balanced approach to ventilation that addresses various needs—removal of stale air, introduction of fresh air, and prevention of odor transfer between different areas. Achieving this balance is key to creating a home environment that is refreshing and invigorating.

Integral Parallel Design: A Uniformed Approach

Adopting an integral parallel design for the vent hose layout is crucial in ensuring that fresh air reaches all corners of the home. Designing air outlets in each required space allows for uniform air distribution and avoids the creation of air pockets that could lead to uneven temperatures or the accumulation of pollutants. By using tee pipes to connect these outlets, one ensures a seamless air flow throughout the residence, maintaining a consistent and comfortable living environment.

Product Recommendations: Efficiency Meets Comfort

The heart of this system lies in the selection of appropriate fans that can handle the requirements of different spaces within the home. A single 150 caliber fan in the living room provides robust air movement for communal spaces. Its larger size handles higher volumes of air, ensuring that social spaces remain fresh and well-ventilated.

For individual rooms, sharing a 150 caliber fan in series strikes a balance between efficiency and practicality. This arrangement supports the personal spaces without overwhelming them with too much airflow, which could become uncomfortable.

In areas where odors and humidity are prevalent, such as the kitchen and bathroom, a series connection sharing a 100-caliber fan is optimal. This smaller fan is sufficient for the extraction of odors and moisture, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in these functional areas.

Strategic Installation to Enhance Comfort

In the layout, attention must be given to the placement of these fans. To avoid noise disturbances, especially during rest periods, it is recommended that fans are not installed directly in the bedrooms. This consideration is vital for the overall tranquility of the home environment.

Transitioning Between Different Caliber Fans

The transition from a 150 caliber fan in the living room to a 100 caliber in the duct system requires precision. Using the appropriate converters ensures that the system works at peak efficiency and that the aesthetic flow of the suspended ceiling is not disrupted.

Preventing Odor Transfer: Ensuring a Fresh Environment

The incorporation of a check valve at the rear end of each fan is a subtle yet significant feature. It prevents the backflow of air, thereby inhibiting the transfer of odors between the different spaces. This is particularly important in maintaining the unique character and use of each room.

Tackling Installation Details: Tee Links and Sealing

When pipes are connected in parallel, the use of tee links is not just a matter of efficiency but also one of design integrity. These fittings allow for a compact and orderly system that aligns with the clean lines of a modern home.

The sealing of connections between pipes with silicone rings cannot be overlooked. This prevents any air leakage, thus maintaining the efficiency of the system and ensuring long-term durability.


Incorporating a tailored ventilation and exhaust system into the design of a 120 to 150 square meter residence significantly enhances the quality of life within. By following the guidelines set forth in this comprehensive strategy, one can ensure that each room receives the attention it needs in terms of air quality and comfort. From the robust 150 caliber fan ensuring lively gatherings in the living room to the discreet 100 caliber fan keeping the kitchen and bathroom fresh, each component works in harmony to create a home that truly breathes.

As we move forward into an era where the home is more than a place of rest but a sanctuary for life's various activities, the significance of such a ventilation system becomes ever more clear. It is not only an investment in the home's infrastructure but also in the health and happiness of its residents. With this design, homeowners can rest assured that their space is equipped to provide a fresh, invigorating environment for years to come, making it a place where life is not just lived but enjoyed to its fullest breath.