inline exhaust fan 4 inch
inline exhaust fan 4 inch
inline exhaust fan 4 inch

4 Inch Exhaust Fan with Louvers 47 CFM

Sale price$17.95
  • Model:9A-10A
  • 100% Copper Coil Motor, with 3x0.5mm2 40CM power cable
  • 80m3 / h air volume; Working temperature from -20°C to 50°C
  • The body of the bath ventilator is made of ABS, protection class IPX2, good corrosion protection and anti-aging protection.
  • Ventilation fast and stable, the noise is as low as 33 dB very suitable for use in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office space
  • Built-in copper motor low weight, small vibrations, stable and quiet operation, good heat dissipation

    Motor Power: 14W
    Air Flow(m3/H):80
    Noise: 33dB
    Install Space(D:mm): 100
    Front Panel: 168*168mm
    Panel Width: 36mm
    Install Size: 69*98mm