free fresh air purifier
free fresh air purifier
free fresh air purifier
HC-600P Bidirectional Flow Cabinet Type Fresh Air Purifier
HC-600P Bidirectional Flow Cabinet Type Fresh Air Purifier

HC-600P Bidirectional Flow Cabinet Type Fresh Air Purifier

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  • Compact Cabinet Design: The design of the HC-600p Air Purifier is concise and lightweight. It has a powerful airflow design for far distances.
  • Super insulation: The product comes with super insulation for the best air ventilation and heat exchange.


  • Heat Recovery Rate: The air purifier consists of a highly efficient heat exchanger, the exchange rate is up to 88-95% and without condensation, it benefits to save the power of air-conditionerThe cooling rate is noted as %60 without condensation.
  • Large area air filtration: It performs 600m³/h large fresh airflow, it’s widely used in villas, clubhouses, meeting rooms, and other places where large fresh airflow is requested.
  • Air Filtration: The HEPA-based air purifier can filter 99.97% of airborne particles.
  • 360 Degree Fresh Air Supply: Unique rotary air outlet is used to supply fresh air, covering every corner, creating a living space full of oxygen.
  • UV Filteration: We have included a new process for filtration. The UV filter helps in very advanced air filtration.

Power and Performance:

  • Power Consumption: The HC-600p is very power efficient. It can save power up to %330  featuring a PWM-controlled motor.
  • Product Durability: The best HC-600p air purifier with a bidirectional airflow, has a very high span life of more than 50,000+ hours. It is known for quality and performance.

Low Noise:

  • This product comes with low noise technology of 35-32dB. High-quality blades and machine performance makes very low noise.
  • There is no other noise or vibration in this product due to its compact and stiff design.


  • It can be easily installed to cover huge areas like halls and official use.
  • Hongguan, while manufacturing the product focuses on every aspect of quality and usability for any type of use.
  • There are various speed ranges up to 8-speed controllers with a very stable speed.


The HC-600p air ventilator can be used in the most effective ways to improve your indoor air with a powerful 3D airflow. The air directional wings create a wonderful sensation of airflow. It can be mounted easily in the ducts and ventilators use. It has UV filtration. HC-600p air purifier has a powerful air throw with a fan speed of 3550 RPM for an airflow of 600 m³h. It is made as cabinet mounted and it can be installed easily with all the necessary equipment packed with the package. The product comes with high-quality air purifying technology powered by AI and can purify up to 99.7% of airborne particles. This is the perfect product to buy in 2021 equipped with all the necessities.